Selina Farmer grew up creating art at a young age inspired by her surroundings in the desert hills of New Mexico. She graduated from the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe NM. She then went on to work alongside the collection of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of The American Indian and then to study under a full scholarship at Lacoste School of the Arts in Provonce France. She currently works out of the studio she created called Mazzy Blue Studios in Northern Virginia just outside Washington DC. She is married to her husband Shane and together they have one beautiful daughter in heaven named Mazzy. The studio name is a combination of her daughter Mazzy’s name and her husband’s favorite color. When she is not working in the studio she enjoys spending time with her husband and two rescue dogs, Amelia a Miniature Pinscher & Zoey a Chihuahua Pug mix. Her & her husband volunteer and serve on the board of their local grief group for those who have lost a child or sibling. She also enjoys writing, playing the guitar, going for walks/hikes, having a good cup of coffee/tea and listening to a good audio book and knitting up something awesome. She is humbled to say that her work has been collected both throughout the United States and abroad. And therefore, you can find her art in both public and private collections throughout the world.

Artist Statement

I work primarily in Watercolor and Acrylics as my chosen mediums. With a background in printmaking and photography, I have been bridging my work with the digital realm for select pieces. I hold a great affection for color, utilizing it to express the essence of an emotion or the elemental tone for a piece. Emotionally charged subject matter created through the structure of people and animals, along with the creatures that live in my imagination, tend to become the focus of what comes to life in my studio. My daughter, Mazzy’s, spirit and love has always served as a source of inspiration for my work and continues to do so. Since her tragic death in 2005, I feel that she is still very much with me in all of my creations. My work has gravitated towards exploring the journey of grief and healing through art. I try to construct my works in such a way that the underlying emotion is expressed for the viewer to experience and make a connection with on an intimate level therefore allowing the viewer to experience the work as a moment of escape from their current reality. People who are touched by my art, along with my loved ones, keep me creating and moving forward in my artistic journey to help others through the healing work of art. If I can bring someone some small piece of comfort, a sense of peace or even a smile…well then I have done my job.

Selina Farmer’s work has been described as a “haunting exploration of emotion” and “culturally stimulating”

Dr. Seuss

Jim Henson

Johnny Cash

Bob Dylan

Vincent Van Gogh

Last updated:  3/22/2020